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G&H is Africa’s premiere tourism consultancy specialised in building promotional channels into China’s multibillion travel and consumer markets.Launched in 2014 by Sandra Rwese (an award-winning tourism analyst), we advise tourism, banking, academic and other service sectors how to re-skill their staff, advertise online and engage Chinese customers.

The first step to gaining brand recognition is understanding how to handle Chinese arrivals. Secondly, in order to secure a slice of this $422 billion-dollar outbound market you absolutely MUST develop a digital footprint in tandem with Chinese netizens; who spend 40% of their time hooked onto social networks. Thirdly, we encourage businesses to recruit bilingual personnel who are knowledgeable about your corporate history and products.

Sandra Rwese



The Role of Chinese Tourists in Kenya’s Hospitality Renaissance • COTRI Yearbook 2012 PUBLISHER: Peter Lang Verlagsgruppe. http://www.china-outbound.de/28.html This publication is the 2012 edition of articles from international tourism scientists and practitioners working with the Chinese outbound market. Tourism Income Mix (TIM) is detailed herein as a holistic framework for those wishing to revamp their business development efforts (paying special attention to Chinese visitors). A definite must-read for tourism and hospitality professionals worldwide!!
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